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Somewhat Spooky

  I’m not big on watching scary movies, and reading books from the thriller genre is not usually my first choice, but something about October…

Hi, I'm Meg!

Welcome to Somewhat Styled, a design and lifestyle blog. Its an inside look at the process involved in cultivating an artful, well-designed life. If ‘styled’ is the goal, then we are on our way, but not quite there yet. Its a life styled, somewhat.

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My New Salad Game Changer

To balance out my weekly indulgence in what I lovingly refer to as “Pizza Friday’s” (usually paired with wine and a side of Ted Lasso), I tend to eat several lunchtime salads throughout the week. They’re easy to make, no…

Somewhat Stylish

I’ve come to the realization that I’m now the age a younger version of myself always figured she’d have it together by. ‘It’ referring to life in general, but more specifically in this context, her wardrobe. My closet still has…