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I’ve come to the realization that I’m now the age a younger version of myself always figured she’d have it together by. ‘It’ referring to life in general, but more specifically in this context, her wardrobe. My closet still has a few too many fast fashion pieces that have only been worn a few times, so I’m making a concentrated effort to pare down my wardrobe to quality pieces that are more of an investment and that I love. Only buying pieces that you love can be a bit of a challenge when you eye is always drawn to the most expensive items, so it’s going to be a slow process. Here are a few pieces that I’m looking forward to wearing this season, and that I can see myself donning for years to come.

1.Donna Button-Down Shirt (Classic Six)

I have so much admiration for this brand, there isn’t one thing that Classic Six makes that I don’t love. I’ve recently purchased their Twiggy Dress (another staple!), and I was so impressed with everything about the experience — from unpacking the branded garment bag and felt hanger the item arrived on, to the attention to detail and interior finishes, and the perfect fit. I love that the brand is a capsule collection and puts so much thought and detail into each piece. I can’t wait to add the Donna to my closet!

2. Leather Wrap Belt (The Loft)

I saw this belt on my friend Jess of An Indigo Day recently, and I did a double take. This belt looks so similar to a much higher priced wrap belt, and right now it’s on sale online for 50% off, making it a budget friendly but high end looking buy.

3. Neck Scarf (Hermes)

Some of my favorite chats with my mom growing up were when she would reminisce about her days working in downtown Chicago,  and all the pretty outfits she would wear. She would show me her collection of scarves and talk about what outfits she would wear them with, and offer them to me. I’ve recently taken one that I particularly love to have framed to hang in my bedroom. It’s a nice memento of someone I love and it brings back good memories. This Hermes scarf is a splurge for sure, but I love the color palette, and could see myself framing it someday as decor for my home, or hopefully passing down to a daughter of my own.

4. Sadie Knee-High Boots (J.Crew)

I was able to snag these boots at 40% off a few weeks ago, and I can’t wait for the weather to cool down enough to comfortably wear them (I have definitely already worn them in 70-something degree weather, they are that good). They have a low enough heel to be comfortable and a perfectly shaped toe. I initially bought them as a compromise, as I really wanted a pair by Loeffler Randall but couldn’t justify the price. However, these boots are so not a compromise, they’re perfect and I know I’ll be wearing them for a long time.

5. Abhy Merino Wool Sweater (Club Monaco)

Club Monaco has always been an aspirational brand for me, something that a younger version of myself always envisioned I would wear, so I’m trying to incorporate more pieces from this brand into my closet. This sleeveless sweater is perfect for the warmer fall weather we have in the south, and I can layer it as the weather gets colder. This is the kind of chic closet staple I love!

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