Welcome to Somewhat Styled, I’m so delighted that you’re here!

Somewhat Styled is a design and lifestyle blog established in 2021 by me, Meg Rupp.

My intention is to use this space as an outlet for showcasing my creative projects, and a record of things that inspire and motivate me. It’s an inside look at the earnest process involved in cultivating an artful, well-designed approach to all aspects of my life.  Some corners are perfectly curated, while others are a work-in-progress, tucked away from view. If ‘styled’ is the goal, then I’m on my way, but not quite there yet.

It’s a life styled, somewhat. 

A space to serve as a wellspring of inspiration, encouragement and motivation,  I hope you’ll join me in the pursuit of cultivating our most authentic and well-designed lives. On a more personal note, I’m based in Atlanta with Midwestern roots, and live with my very small and sassy dog, Gigi. During the day you can find me with a tape measure around my neck as a Product Developer at Spanx. I love to spend my time scheming up new creative projects, or curled up on the couch with my dog. Cooking, music, and red wine are my personal forms of therapy, I like to think of my favorite podcast hosts as my friends, and I will buy literally anything that’s periwinkle colored. 

Thank you so much for stopping by.