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Struggling With My Sense of Self

Throughout the pandemic, I have really struggled with my sense of self. While I could talk about this at length on deeper levels, about a lack of purpose or how my world views have shifted, today I’m focusing on something a little lighter but still relevant in my daily life — what I wear and how it impacts how I move through the world. 

When the pandemic began, I felt like a youthful! vibrant! carefree! 33 year old. Sure — I was in my thirties, but it was still my early thirties. I was young and fun! I didn’t look my age, and I certainly didn’t feel it. 

Fast forward 2+ years, and reemerging into society had me feeling so much older (while 36 is objectively young, I’m behind on many life milestones I had hoped to achieve by now), and feeling really out of style. 

All of the sudden, I was painfully aware that the younger generation had come into their own, and were dictating all the style rules. Looks I’d actively avoided my whole like (i.e. mom jeans, dad sneakers) were cool and something I could not (and did not really want to) pull off. 

Jean trends had changed, and I felt that none of them looked good on me. Although these seem like such frivolous and materialistic concerns, they really affected how I felt about myself (old), and how I moved through the world (not confidently!)

Saying YES to Fun and Not Giving a Damn

But lately I’ve been going through one of those “life is short, just do it!” phases — whatever ‘it’ may be. I’m weirdly excited to get dressed again. I want to put together intentional LOOKS. I want the shoes to go with the bag. I’m wearing the trends I like (Gen Z opinions be damned), I’m putting the sweatpants away and I’m putting makeup back on. 

And speaking of makeup, I want it to be FUN. I love that bright, bold colors are trending, and it feels so much more exciting than the neutral palette I’ve been rocking for as long as I can remember. 

I want to revisit the nostalgia of my high school days, where yes, my eyeshadow did match my prom dress, and yes, it was blue! And glittery. 

Isn’t life so much more exciting that way? I’m playing around with bright blues, pinks, purples, and even greens — I feel so reinvigorated, and my mentality feels young — it’s so refreshing in a small but impactful way that I need right now. 

Rethinking My Makeup Brand Loyalty

I’m also tired of expensive makeup brands. Don’t get me wrong, I still have a soft spot for Sephora, and that seductress has gotten me to hand over more money than I’m willing to admit (VIB status comes at a price). But gone are the days where I will drop $25 on a mascara, when the drugstore versions have gotten indiscernibly good, at a fraction of the cost. 

Enter my new favorite makeup brand, ColourPop. 

A ‘New To Me’ Brand

Is this a new brand? Hell no. My younger sisters tried to introduce me to the brand years ago. But it’s NEW TO ME, and I love it.

They have highly pigmented, gorgeous eyeshadow palettes, that range in price from about $12-$40. 

Their gel cream eyeliners? Fantastic. They glide on smoothly and they don’t budge all day. And they’re only about $7.

Even their line of skin products is great. I was hesitant to order online because it can be challenging to correctly color match off of a computer screen. However, they recently started selling more of the line at Ulta, and I was able to swatch to find my perfect shades in their concealer, pressed powder, and tinted moisturizer

The products are easy to apply, absorb well, provide the coverage that I’m looking for, and the best part — I honestly cannot tell a difference between my ColourPop $9 concealer, and my YSL concealer. 

Products That Pass The Test

Obviously I’m not a makeup expert, but I am one picky consumer. And ColourPop products pass the Meg test with flying colors! (colors, makeup —get it?)

They’re my current brand obsession, and I hope that you’ll check them out! They have a massive selection on their website, free shipping for purchases over $30, and offer 15% off of your first order. They’re always coming out with new curated collections, and they do a lot of collaborations.

 And if you’re feeling a little unsure, then at least take a look at the brand next time you’re at Ulta…it’s a nice introduction if you’re more hands-on, and I guarantee the $7 eyeliner you buy ‘just to try out’ will have you coming back for so much more, just like me.

If you’ve tried and/or love ColourPop, let me know what your favorite products are! 

I’ve linked a few of my recent favorite products below, if you’d like to check them out!

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