Happy “Gotcha” Day!

Happy "Gotcha" Day to my little Gigi!

Happy “Gotcha” Day to my little Gigi!

When I first met Gigi, she was totally emaciated, weighing about 2 1/2 pounds, and drowning in the smallest dog sweater, trying to stay warm. Parts of her fur were shaved, and others matted. She was scared, shaking, and exhausted. She had been picked up on the street by animal control and placed in a shelter. To top it all off, she was in heat, so none of the boy dogs at the shelter would leave her alone. When they placed us in a room to get to know each other, she immediately fell asleep in my arms. I knew then that I couldn’t let her stay there another day, this little girl was coming home with me.

When we got into the car, she stood on the passenger seat, eyeing me down and looking wary. I was looking back at her the same way, equally nervous, and wondered if I had made too impulsive of a decision.

Fast forward nine years later, she’s my little shadow, and some would say we’re a little too dependent on each other. She now she sleeps in my bed, prefers to lounge on fleece blankets, goes for walks in a little backpack that straps to my chest, and loves pancakes from Little Rey for brunch. She’s been there for some of the best moments in my life, and my lowest. She didn’t leave my side when Peanut passed away, and has been such a comfort to me as I process my grief. She’s my best little friend and I can’t imagine life without her.

Happy 9th Gotcha Day to my little Gigi, and your yearly reminder that the ones in need truly are the best breed. ❤️

We’ll be celebrating with pancakes, obviously. 🥞🎈

Adopting Gigi from the shelter that day was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, and I hope that if you are thinking of bringing a dog into your life, you check out your local shelters. Your future best friend may just be there waiting for you.

Gigi Gotcha Day
Gigi Gotcha Day

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