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That Friday Feeling

Do you get the urge to ‘Spring Clean’ each year? It feels like everyone online has a photo-ready home, spotless with not only organized, but aesthetically pleasing closets and shelves. Meanwhile, all of the closets in my home feel like Monica Geller’s closet of shame — towering and overflowing with mess, everything I don’t want to deal with, and everything I’m afraid (why?) to get rid of.  

This week I’ve had some time off so I’m trying to tackle all of those formidable closets in my home – getting rid of things, cleaning out cabinets, and rearranging (I’m forever rearranging). It’s taken a little longer than I’d care to admit but dammit if the results aren’t satisfying.  

It feels like I’m preparing for company (I actually am), but it’s also my birthday month, and it’s like the countdown is on — if I can get everything organized and clean and perfect seeming before my birthday, then the outlook for my 36th year will feel so much closer to where I’d hoped it would be at this point in my life.  

Obviously there are some unresolved and possibly unhealthy tendencies in that line of thinking, but that’s future Meg’s problem to sort through.  

In the meantime, you can find me cleaning my home until it f*ing sparkles.

Cheers to a sparkly weekend!

Link Love

I’ve been trying to eat a little healthier to squeeze back into some of my cute pre-pandemic clothes, and this breakfast bake by Lakeshore Lady looks like a great option for breakfast! 

If you too watched season two of Bridgerton and found it lacking, you’ll get a kick out of this reenactment. I thought I was the only one who noticed? 

Catherine Cohen has a new advice column in W Magazine, and I love it so much — it’s like the big sister advice I didn’t know I needed. Her writing was so moving that I ordered her book ‘God I Feel Modern Tonight: Poems from a Gal About Town’, which is supposed to be humorous and relatable.  

Are you hosting any spring time get togethers this month? I have family coming into town for Easter, and I’ll be attempting these bunny napkin folds for our brunch.  

Show Me Your Mumu has some really cute summer finds, and I couldn’t resist this little lace eyelet top! I’m also tempted to get this romper

I’m happy to see so many brightly colored shoes on the market, and this pair caught my eye.

Weekly Bestseller…

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