The Best Affordable Tailored Trouser

Why I’m ditching my denim for these classic tailored trousers!

A Trend I Can Finally Trust

I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m the Millennial who has had a really difficult time transitioning out of skinny jeans (RIP, 2008-2021), and adapting to the new denim trends. Maybe it’s because I don’t find rigid denim comfortable (stretch denim was invented for a reason!), maybe it’s because I’m still not over the trauma of the low rise, glittered, and bell-bottomed denim of the early aughts, or maybe the real reason is that I don’t find any of the current silhouettes to be flattering for my body type.

Any way you look at it, I’m struggling. I keep buying pair after pair of on trend denim, and I haven’t really found any that I feel good in. So I was inspired when my friend Jessica of An Indigo Day mentioned that she was foregoing the whole denim debacle and trying out the new tailored trouser trend. Needless to say, I was eager to hop on board.

I came across this pair while looking for some cute spring clothes at Abercrombie and Fitch. While I wouldn’t think to find tailored trousers from the retailer, they have changed so much of their approach and branding since the days I worked for the company, and they’ve been quick to pick up on the newest trends (Fun fact — my very first job out of college was as a product developer at their headquarters in Ohio!).

I purchased them on a whim, and I’m so glad I did! They arrived quickly and the timing was perfect — I had just unsuccessfully tried on several items from another popular retailer — you know that feeling when you open the package and nothing looks the same way it did on the website? The fabric cheap, the construction shoddy, and the fit totally off? It was especially disappointing because they were not inexpensive pieces, and I had convinced myself that the investment would be worth it to have quality items.

Well, after that horrible experience, Abercrombie and Fitch saved the day with these terrific tailored trousers. They looked great, they fit well, and they made me feel good wearing them! And at a great affordable price point, there are no downsides to purchasing a pair!

The Fit

As a product developer, I’m really picky about the fit of clothing. I’ve mentioned it before in this post how I have high expectations for clothing because of my background in apparel. The fit of these trousers is fantastic. There’s elastic at the back waist, but it’s not noticeable when you’re wearing them — all you feel is that the waist is secure and fits like they were made for you. They come in three different lengths — short, regular, and tall, so you shouldn’t need to take them to a tailor for adjustment. The high waist and pleats are flattering and elongate you — they made me feel like I had legs for days and looked much taller than just 5’4! I found that they were true to size, and since the style is wide leg, there’s a little extra wiggle room so you feel comfortable in them all day.

The Construction

I was really impressed with the construction of these — they have elastic at the back waistband if you look closely, and beltloops, front pleats, functional zipper, faux welt pockets at the back, and functional front pockets. The construction is quality workmanship, and really looks like a much higher-end pair of pants.


These trousers are made out of a nice quality fabric, that drapes nicely and moves well when you walk. It has a great feel against your skin which makes them comfortable to be in all day. These won’t be a pair of pants I want to change out of immediately after a long day.

The Styling

I’m really excited to wear these not only to work on the days I’m in the office, but out with friends, and maybe even a date or two! I paired it with a simple tank (in my favorite color periwinkle!) here, but I’ve got my eye on a few cute floral print blouses I think they would also work well with, or even a coordinating oversized blazer with a silk camisole underneath. Thinking about all the different outfit combinations makes me even more excited about these pants, which I’ve already ordered in a few other colors!

I’m Here for the Hype

The tailored trouser look is classy, and I love the wide leg silhouette that’s currently so popular. This is a trend that I can really get on board with, and I hope it has some longevity in the market. Silhouettes like this are great because they never really go out of style, and when you find a pair that fits — buy them in every color! My mom has given me that advice since I was little, but you only realize the value and relatability of that sentiment with age. But really, given all the great attributes of these pants, they are a steal for the price. Like all good things, I’m sure they will sell out quickly, so if you like them get them while you can! And if they’re sold out of your size/length, give it a little time — they’re good about restocking popular items.

So on that note, I’m off to buy these pants in every color they make! In looking ahead to beat the heat of the forthcoming Atlanta summer, I’m trying the tailored short as well — it has a 7″ inseam which should be great for work, but might look cute for play, too!

If you decide to give the tailored trouser look a try, please let me know! Tag me on Instagram or leave a comment and tell me how you’ve styled yours! I hope you love these as much as I do.

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